Alan Sparks Schools of Taekwondo

The Instructor

Master Alan Sparks 8th Dan is an international instructor and Black Belt examiner.

Master Sparks has over forty year’s experience in martial arts. He was graded to 1st Dan Black Belt in 1983 by Master Rhee Ki Ha, who was responsible for introducing Taekwondo into Great Britian in 1967 in the U.K.T.A. He was then with the T.A.G.B. for ten years during which time he trained and graded to 4th Dan Black Belt with Grand Master Hee ll Cho. He also participated at their two World Championships in 1988 and 1991.

Martial Arts Illustrated "Circuit"

Martial Arts Illustrated “Circuit”

Master Sparks was one of G.T.I’s founder instructors and Black Belt examiners when it developed from a London-South East based Association into a nationwide one.

He has competed in national and international events and held positions as their M.A.D.E.C officer organising instructor courses as well being the national team manager and junior team coach. During this time they successfully competed around Europe winning many individual and team titles. As their Chief referee he organized their Referee/Umpire courses and was in charge of running tournaments.

In 1997 he came out of retirement to compete in the Ulster Championships with the G.T.I. National Squad. Winning his fight helped the team to win the1st place trophy.

He now runs his own Independent Taekwondo Schools in York as well as teaching at York University. As a registered coach with York City council he is also involved in teaching self-defence courses through their adult further education program. He also conducts seminar’s  around the UK in fitness /body strengthening as well as his C.A.R. program which he has developed himself (co-ordination-aerobic-reflex). These benefit all martial artists. Master Sparks has many years experience in coaching children and adults.

Members of his schools include Junior and Senior National Champions. He has promoted the art of Taekwondo and women’s self-defence on local and national television and run a number of highly successful schools around York.